Luke 6-10: New Testament Commentary
John MacArthur; Jr.
Moody Publishers (2011)
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Religion / Biblical Commentary / New Testament
Luke 6-10 continuesThe MacArthur New Testament Commentaryrs"slook at the longest of the four gospels. The commentary provides a verse by verse and phrase by phrase exposition of the text, taking into account the cultural, theological, and Old Testament contexts of each passage. Interpretive challenges are fully dealt with, and differing views are fairly evaluated. The gospel of Luke is unique and provides valuable insight into Christrs"s life and ministry. For example, it gives the fullest account of Christrs"s birth and is the only gospel to record several of our Lordrs"s parables, including the Good Samaritan and the Two Sons. Use this volume ofThe MacArthur New Testament Commentaryseries to assist you in your study of this cherished New Testament book.
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