The Stone and the Glory: Lessons on the Temple Presence and the Glory of God
Greg Harris
Kress Biblical Resources (2010)
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Paperback 9781934952078
In the Stone and the Glory, Greg Harris takes his readers on a profound journey through the Scriptures as they explore the glorious realities of the stone prophecies. The journey begins with Abraham on his way to Canaan; it continues with the Israelites wandering toward the Promised Land; it includes the glorious Temple, as well as the life of Christ in the days before His passion; it chronicles the stone prophecies in the book of Acts; and it culminates with Messiahs return in glory. Along the way, readers will joyfully find themselves identifying with the biblical characters, pondering how they would have responded if they themselves were living in Bible times. Like a skilled tour guide, Dr. Harris brings the Scripture to life in a way that insightfully weds biblical exegesis, Christ-centered theology, and practical application.from the foreword by John MacArthur
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