The Joy of a Word Filled Family
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BFM Books (2005)
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Family & Relationships / Interpersonal Relations, Family & Relationships / Marriage, Family & Relationships / Parenting / General
Paperback 9781933561028
When the Gospel of Jesus Christ entered the Roman world of the New Testament the landscape was very bleak. Christ s church was born into a world of mixed-up marriages and confused families. First-century believers had to learn the first principles of having godly marriages and families that please God. Twenty-first century believers face the same difficulties, but thankfully, God s plan has been the same in every age: His people are to have Word Filled Families! This book will instruct and challenge you in the Scriptures. By God s grace, you will be drawn to desire a Word-filled life as a man or a woman, a Word- filled marriage as a husband or wife, a Word-filled family as a father or mother, and a Word-filled prayer life as a couple in oneness of heart and mind.
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