Teaching Romans Volume 1: Unlocking Romans 18 for the Bible Teacher (Teaching.. Series)
Christopher Ash
Proclamation Trust Media (2009)
In Collection
Paperback 9781845504557
The book of Romans brings us facetoface with the wonderful glory of Gods grace grace to unify our churches and to inspire us to reach our world with the barrierbreaking message of Christ. The sheer scale and depth of Romans make it challenging to teach, but Christopher Ash leads us stepbystep through understanding and communicating this lifechanging book. Teaching Romans Volume 1 covers chapters 18. This series gives the Bible teacher suitable tools to understand the context of Biblical books, the key teaching points and how to communicate that message to the hearer. Whilst very useful for preachers, this book is also aimed at equipping small group study leaders, youth workers and other Bible teachers. The books are purposefully practical, working systematically through suggested preaching or Bible study series. Preaching outlines and Bible study questions are included for each passage.
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