The MacArthur Scripture Memory System
John MacArthur; John F. MacArthur
Thomas Nelson (2004)
In Collection
CD-ROM 9780785250616
Canada  English

52 of the Bible's greatest verses - and each one can be recalled just when you need it!

John MacArthur pours his heart into his work as a Bible teacher, and now he teaches Scripture, literally one verse at a time, with The MacArthur Scripture Memory System. The System comes in a beautiful turned-edge book, complete with the following timeless elements:

  • 3 audio CD's with Dr. MacArthur reading the verse-of-the-week, and providing a brief exposition of what that verse means and why it is so important to remember.
  • A handy pack of printed cards, one for each verse, so that you can put one in your wallet or purse to refresh your memory of the weekly verse.
  • CD-ROM containing a dynamic desktop complete with the text of week's verse and a link to listen to the audio of the verse! Also contains a screen saver with each week's verse.

For old and new Bible readers alike, The MacArthur Scripture Memory System is an excellent way to really get into the Word and commit it to memory.

Works with Windows XP, 2000, 98SE and Internet Explorer 5.5 to 6.0 only.

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