Pillars of Grace

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Grades 7-12 every second Friday at the Church. Building upon the right foundation is critical and the next structural elements are the pillars. The primary purpose of pillars is functional, providing the support for the whole temple structure, including the walls, vaulted ceiling, and roof. If the pillars stood firm, the temple withstood the forces without. These pillars not only were functional in their strength and stability, but they often were ornate..

The whole church is to be the support and ground of Truth, standing firm in the truth of the Christian faith and a properly functioning church will accurately replicate the Master Architects plans. In a time when we see the struggle for the second generation to maintain the truth and proclaim it, we attempt to establish His Word in their hearts to fortify their defense of the same Truths we discovered by God's grace.

Through teaching God's Word and equipping these youth, they will be prepared to be pillars for the truth in their generation. It is a remarkable sight to behold Gods work as he calls and equips His church as we are only faithful to proclaim His truth.

Fun and laughter go along with these times as we are able to enjoy each others company. Games and activities are planned and snacks are also a part of every night.


The Club meets at the Vermilion Vet Clinic second level Meeting Room accessed throught the north entrance.

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