Firm Foundations Kid's Club

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Firm Foundations Kid's Club is a ministry to elementary age children in the Vermilion area.  The purpose of the group, which meets every second Friday evening throughout the school year, is to introduce children to the Bible in a chronological fashion.  2013/2014 is our third season and we are continuing our study of who Jesus is by examining his life and ministry as described in the New Testament.  Through Bible readings, lessons, review quizzes and activities, our goal is to introduce the central message of the Bible to children.  We often review concepts and teachings from the Old Testament including scripture which examine the nature of God, the activities of God and the spiritual beings, the state of man, and the promise of a Deliverer to come.  That Deliver is Jesus, the Promised One, and the New Testament clearly explains who he is and what he came for.  Providing this information in a systematic fashion will help children grasp the important concepts and the big picture of the Bible.  It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit works in each child's life to allow them to fully understand and to draw them to salvation in Christ.

The Club meets at the home of Tim and Denise Goodbrand just a few minutes east of Vermilion on Hiway 16.  Turn north on RR61, about half a mile and turn in to the first yard on the east side of the road.  

Contact Us

Tim and Denise can be reached at 780-853-1760 or emailed: